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8-Week Course: Tuning, strumming and rhythm basics, common chords, and simple finger picking, and more! Class runs June 8th - July 27th, 1:30-2:30pm (Click on class title to learn more!)

Cost: $ 205.00
8-Week Course: Tuning, strumming and rhythm basics, common chords, and simple finger picking, and more! Classes begin Friday, June 7th! Kids section: For ages 8+ Adult section: Ages 16+ (Click on class title to learn more!)

Cost: $ 205.00
This fun dive into the joy and fun of bluegrass is perfect for students who want to explore the unique energy of this genre and make music with others! Students will learn the basics of bluegrass, how to play with others, and more! The group will also perform at Orem's "Come Together" Festival is August 2024. Come jam! Class runs on Mondays, 6-7pm (Click on class title to learn more!)

Join us for our weekly Chamber Strings summer music class for kids, where the magic of making music with friends comes alive every Thursday afternoon from 2-3pm with the talented Lindsay Draper! In our class, young musicians will be grouped by experience, learning to play together in ensembles while discovering new and exciting music. Whether your child is a budding violinist, violist, cellist, or pianist, this class promises to be a joyful and enriching musical adventure! Class runs June 13th - August 8th, 2:15-3:15pm (Click on class name for more info)

8-Week Course: Calling all budding songwriters! Join our summer songwriting class and unleash your creativity as you delve into the fundamentals of songwriting, lyric crafting, storytelling, arrangement techniques, and basic music theory. This course is your gateway to honing your songwriting skills and expressing your unique musical voice. Inspiration, collaboration, and creative exploration await you! (Click on class title to learn more!)

Calling all guitar, bass, keyboard, drum players and singers! Join BIMEC's Summer Rock Band Class, where students learn to play together in a rock group. Led by a skilled teacher, students will gain valuable experience in teamwork, performance, and rock band dynamics, culminating in a thrilling end-of-summer showcase at Orem City's "Come Together" festival in August for one of our bands - determined by a final audition in July! (Click on class title to learn more!)

4 Day Camp: Tuning, strumming and rhythm basics, common chords, and simple finger picking, and more! Camp runs July 8th-11th (Monday - Thursday), 3:30pm-4:30pm. (Click on class title to learn more!)

4 Day Camp: Build on your ukulele basics with an exploration of more techniques including additional strumming patters, fingerpicking skills, bar chords, and more! Perfect for students who can already transition smoothly between C, F, and G chords (especially if you've already taken our Beginning Ukulele class or camp!) Camp runs July 15th - 18th (Monday - Thursday), 3:30-4:30pm each day. (Click on class title to learn more!)

Step back in time with us during our Music History Camp! Explore the rich tapestry of music through the ages from the ancient world to the present day. From Bach to Brahms to Bartok and beyond! This camp allows students to experience the evolution of music throughout history, introducing them to new favorites in a fun, interactive way. Open to students of all ages, and at all levels! Camp runs June 25th-28th (Tuesday-Friday), 1:00pm-2:00pm each day. (Click on class title to learn more!)

Explore the evolution of pop and rock music in our "History of Pop and Rock" class! From the iconic tunes of Elvis and Chuck Berry in the 1950s to the Beatles' British Invasion, rocking out with Hendrix, The Doors, and more, this course is a musical time machine through the decades. Explore the roots of jazz and blues evolving into rock, leading up to the pop hits we groove to today! Join us for a journey through music history's coolest moments.

4 Day Camp: Anything is possible for your student if they have a strong foundation in music theory. Students will be immersed in basic concepts that will help them skyrocket their progress! Come review notes in treble and bass clef, the circle of fifths, and strengthen rhythm skills through fun games and interactive activities. Don't miss out! Come explore the possibilities! Camp runs July 29th - August 1st (Monday - Thursday), 1pm-2pm. (Click on class title to learn more!)

Explore the art of telling a story through song and dance! A week of learning favorite show tunes complete with a performance for family and friends.

This class will be so much fun for your children between the ages of 0-4! The Sand and Sea summer camp is part of the Sound Beginnings program. This summer camp session includes 8 classes, held Mon-Thurs for two weeks starting on Monday, July 8th, ending on July 18th, 2024. The darling student materials are only $25 (includes music album, student book, dancing scarf).

Flute Enthusiasts, Unite! Join our engaging flute workshop designed for all ages, where you'll uncover valuable flute tips and tricks, practice exercises, play music together, and connect with a community of passionate musicians. This 2 hour workshop, offered on two dates, promises a harmonious blend of learning, sharing, and musical camaraderie. Enhance your flute skills, share your love for music, and be part of a vibrant flute community!

Cost: $ 80.00
Come learn new ways to play your instrument at our jazz camp! From improvisation to jazz language and culture, you won't want to miss this fun exploration of the magic of jazz! Camp runs June 24th - 27th (Monday - Thursday), 11am-12pm. (Click on class title to learn more!)

Attention all budding songwriters! Join our 4-day summer songwriting camp to learn the basics of song creation, crafting lyrics, storytelling, arranging techniques, and music theory. This course will help you improve your songwriting skills and express your unique musical style. Get ready to be inspired, collaborate with others, and explore your creativity!

Attention parents of 5-8 year olds! Travel the world this summer - through music! Embark on a musical journey around the world with your little ones as they create unique instruments, explore the sounds and rhythms of diverse cultures, and proudly bring home their musical creations each day. Camp runs June 3rd - 6th (Monday - Thursday), 10:30-11:30am (Click on class title to learn more!)

Discover the rich tapestry of global music! Join us for a fascinating exploration of music from diverse regions - from the Celtic music of the British Isles to the vibrant rhythms of South America and so much more. Come enjoy dipping your toes in the water of world music - it's only the beginning! Camp runs June 10th - 13th (Monday - Thursday), 12:45-1:45pm (Click on class title to learn more!)

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Questions? Call us at (801) 802-0625