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Your tuition purchases a specific slot in the schedule and will not be refunded if you have to miss your scheduled lesson. We want you to take advantage of every lesson! However, we know that you may occasionally choose to miss your scheduled lesson due to illness, vacation, or another conflicting event. Please make attending your scheduled lessons a priority whenever possible.

Students who give at least 24 hours advance notice of an absence are eligible to attend our group make-up class (held on the first Saturday of every month at the Summerhays location at 12:00 PM). This is valid for the next upcoming month’s Saturday group lesson only and will not accrue.

Adult students (18 years and older) who give at least 24 hours advance notice of an absence are eligible for a rescheduled private lesson.

The front desk staff must be notified of upcoming absences or they will not be recorded and the student will not be eligible for the Saturday group makeup lesson or rescheduled lesson for that absence.

Students who give less than 24 hours advance notice of an absence or do not give any notice for a missed lesson are not eligible for the Saturday group make-up lesson and the lesson is marked as a no-show.

Tuition is not refunded or prorated for missed lessons.

If a teacher is unable to teach and gives sufficient notice, BIMEC will do their best to find a substitute to replace the teacher until they return. Students who choose to not take lessons from the substitute will not be refunded for the missed lesson.

If a teacher does not give enough notice of their absence and BIMEC cannot find a substitute, students will be scheduled for a private make up lesson when their teacher’s schedule permits within the current or following month. Students who choose not to use this rescheduled private lesson option within the following month will not be refunded for the missed lesson.

If a teacher does not show up for a lesson, the student will not be charged for that lesson and will have the option to switch teachers.

Students who are tardy to their lesson by 15 minutes or more forfeit that lesson.

Students who are less than 15 minutes tardy will receive instruction for the duration of their lesson time slot. Lessons will not go over their scheduled time slot to make up for time lost due to student tardiness.


No food or drink (besides water) is allowed in the waiting area or studios.

We have a small selection of toys and books available for use while waiting for lessons. Parents are responsible for monitoring their children and clean up any messes they make.

Children may not be left unattended by a parent for any amount of time.

Diapers should only be changed in the restroom (located upstairs in the piano gallery area). 

Parents are responsible for making sure their children do not venture into the retail store unattended.

Any merchandise that is damaged by children must be paid for by their parents.

Retail merchandise cannot enter the studios until after it is purchased.

Parent observation in lessons is encouraged, especially for younger students.

Parents are welcome to ask for teacher advice on the best way to aid their child’s learning. They may not seek personal instruction from their child’s teacher.
Teachers may ask observing parent to wait outside if they become overly disruptive to the lesson.

If parents are observing their child’s lesson, they should leave other children in the waiting area (only if they have another responsible and capable person to watch them) or leave them at home.


The front desk staff and the teachers will not release any teacher’s personal contact information to anyone. If you need to contact your teacher, you may do so through our online student portal, My Music Staff, or via their BIMEC Gmail address or Google text line. You are also always welcome to reach out to the administrative staff and they will pass along your message. Your instructor will reach out before your first lesson to initiate contact and share their info! 


Tuition is due exactly 7 days before the first of each month.

If a student withdraws in the middle of the month, tuition will not be refunded (see withdrawal policy on the next page).

Tuition is a flat rate per month regardless of the number of lessons received that month.

Tuition is not prorated for student absences (see absences policy on first page).

BIMEC requires a credit card number on file for each family (Visa, Master Card, Discover, or American Express). Monthly tuition will be pulled through our AutoPay system exactly 10 days before the 1st of every month. Our AutoPay system will send students email notifications for receipts through AutoPay. Students are welcome to contact BIMEC staff if they believe they have been billed in error.

If tuition cannot be pulled from the credit card on file, the student will be notified and have until the due date (7 days before the first of the month) to update credit card information.. If the card is not updated by the due date, the student will be removed from their teacher’s schedule. Removed students can be returned to the schedule 24 hours after their balance is paid. However, BIMEC cannot guarantee that the student’s lesson time will still be available.

Students may choose to not use our AutoPay system, but must still have an up-to-date credit card number on file and will be charged a $5 service fee each month. Their monthly tuition will be due exactly 7 days before the 1st of each month. After that date, unpaid accounts will accrue a $10 late fee. Students who have not paid by the last business day of the month will be removed from their teacher’s schedule. Removed students can be returned to the schedule 24 hours after their balance is paid. BIMEC cannot guarantee that the student’s lesson time will still be available.

All students must pay a $25 registration fee when they enroll for each year. This applies per student up to 2 students per family ($50 maximum). 

Families with multiple enrolled students are eligible for the Multi-Student Discount: $5 off tuition for the 2nd student, $10 off tuition for all additional students.

Students enrolled in multiple classes will receive $5 off their additional classes. This will not count toward the multi-student discount since this is just one student.

*Group tuition applies to custom groups formed with 3 or more students. Each existing Group Program we offer (Kodaly Strings, Let’s Play Music BIMEC Choir, etc.) has its own pricing structure that will apply.

SEE FEES CHART (pdf) - to be updated

In order to qualify for the Homeschool Student Rates, the student(s) must be currently enrolled with Harmony, Lumen, or MyTech High, and their BIMEC lesson(s) must fall between 10:00 AM and 2:30 PM.

Harmony students’ BIMEC enrollment must coincide with Harmony approved list. Students not on the Harmony approved list may still enroll in lessons, but they must pay the full Early Bird rate themselves.

Harmony does not cover student registration fees, so Harmony students are expected to pay the $25 registration fee themselves.

BIMEC is not semester based, so homeschool students must abide by the withdrawal policy below in order to properly cancel lessons or the Early Bird tuition rate will be charged.

SEE FEES CHART (pdf) - to be updated


Intent to withdraw must be given directly to the front desk staff by the last business day of the month or tuition for the next month will be charged and not refunded.

Certain programs include early withdrawal fees. Private lesson students will not be charged a withdrawal fee, but need to alert front desk staff of their intention to drop before the last business day of the month, otherwise they will be charged for the full month’s tuition with no refund. Students who withdraw for more than 6 months will need to re-register before beginning classes again.

Tuition will not be refunded if a student cancels before the end of the month.


BIMEC holds three recitals each year: in October, December, and May. The dates of the recitals can be found on the year calendar. Specific times will be coordinated between teachers and the front desk staff.

Teachers will recommend a specific day and time for their studio recital. Students must confirm their attendance at their teacher’s preferred recital time slot with the front desk. Additional coordination based on individual needs can be arranged.

The week of recitals, the recital will count as a student's lesson for that week. Students who cannot attend the recital should schedule makeup lesson times with the front desk staff. Students who wish to hold additional private lessons the week of recitals should contact the front desk staff to work out times and payment.


The Parent Portal can be used to register for courses and recitals, as well as to see past payments. Students who are curious about using the Parent Portal should contact the front desk staff.

Download Student Policies Agreement(pdf)