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David Heslington

David Heslington started playing guitar at eight years old, In 1982  he started working at Herger music in Provo. That’s where he started learning how to do guitar repair. in 1988 he bought Herger music. Open till we closed in 1999 he has 38 years experience doing guitar repair, David has been performing in Park City at the Grubsteak restaurant and all over the state and country for the last 38 years, he has also opened for such acts as Michael Martin, Murphey Glen Campbell, and The Everly Brothers, he has alo performed during two USO tours for the military. Winner of “Be a Star” In Nashville in 1994. David, brings extensive repair and performance experience to BIM.

Breton “Mr.B”

Breton Hansen, originally from St. George UT, began building guitars in 1996. In 1997 after graduating high school, he began an apprenticeship in guitar repair working mostly on vintage instruments. Shortly after moving to Orem in 2001, he completed his certifications with Fender in acoustic, electric and minor amp repair. In 2009 Breton graduated from UVU with a Bachelor Degree in Audio Engineering/Recording and a certification in ProTools. Breton performs in the rock band A Failsafe Story as the lead guitarist and can be seen at many local events and venues. Breton is married and has two beautiful children.

Kevin Lyman

Kevin has been involved with music since he was a young child. He started out playing guitar as a child, but in his teens, he discovered a passion for playing the bass and has never looked back. He has played bass for 16 years and has played in various band situations. He has spent many years studying the role of the bass and identifying what qualities make a great bass player. Kevin plays a wide variety of genres and styles, from soul and R&B to pop, rock, reggae, blues, and jazz. He has an in-depth understanding of how the instrument works, having been to Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery where he learned to build guitars and basses from scratch. Kevin looks forward to working with the bass students at Best in Music.


Restring instrument, clean and oil fretboard, and dust and polish body.

  • Standard acoustic or electric $20.00 + STRINGS
  • Locking tremolo (Floyd Rose style) or 12-string $35.00 + STRINGS


Restring instrument, clean and oil fretboard, and dust and polish body.

  • Basic flush file for fret ends (for fret sprout/fret bleed) $29.99 + STRINGS
  • File/dress and polish fret ends (for fret sprout/fret bleed) $49.99 + STRINGS
  • Partial fret level, crown & polish $79.99 + STRINGS
  • Full level, crown & polish $129.99 + STRINGS
  • Partial refret (frets 1 through 7) $179.99 + STRINGS
  • Full refret $249.99 + STRINGS

*Stainless steel and EVO gold fretwire are extra.


Due to the nature of electronic work, there is a minimum bench fee of $15.00 for diagnostics and troubleshooting. Quotes for custom switching options and other hot rods and mods are available on request.

  • Basic pickup install* $29.99 + PARTS
  • Acoustic pickup install $74.99 + PARTS
  • Potentiometer replacement* $19.99 + PARTS
  • Output jack replacement* $19.99 + PARTS

*Services on hollow body electric guitars will have an additional charge.


Clean and adjust instrument. Adjust bridge height; intonate; adjust bridge saddles; slot nut; adjust truss rod; tighten pots, jacks, and tuners; check and/or clean electronics. (A new set of strings is necessary to correctly set the intonation.)

  • Standard acoustic or electric $49.99 + STRINGS
  • Locking tremolo or 12-string $69.99 + STRINGS


Includes all services in BiM Pro Setup plus complete detailing and wax for a like-new shine and feel! (Clean and polish hardware, rub out/buff [clears up swirls and pick scratches], and wax.)

  • Standard acoustic or electric $79.99 + STRINGS
  • Locking tremolo or 12-string $99.99 + STRINGS


Quotes for finish touch up and repairs are available on request.

  • Acoustic bridge reattachment $79.99 + STRINGS
  • Loose brace repair* STARTS AT $59.99
  • Broken headstock repair* STARTS AT $74.99
  • Crack repair* STARTS AT $49.99

*Price is for structural repair only. Additional charge for finish repair.