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In BIMEC's songwriting course, you will learn the fundamentals of how to create an original song, from start to finish. The secrets to creating a catchy melody, pleasing chords, and distinctive lyrics will all be unearthed. The course is designed for beginner to intermediate-level aspiring songwriters. If you have never written a song before, or have written a few and want to know more, then this is the course for you!

In this course you will learn tricks for generating ideas from day one, from how to create a chord progression to writing a hook, coming up with ideas for lyrics, to how to make those lyrics fit a melody, and how to fit all of it into a structure that tells a story through song. All of this will culminate in a showcase that the class will put on at the end of the course, featuring your original song!

January 20th - March 24th (guaranteed 8 weeks of class, with 2 weeks built in if necessary for rescheduling)

Call us at (801) 802-0625 or email at with any questions!

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  • What level of musicianship is required for this course?

    Student has been playing their instrument for at least a year and can play a couple of songs from start to finish.

  • What age levels?

    8 years and up. Please set up a meeting with BIMEC if you wish to enroll a student under 8 years-old to determine if this course is right for them.

  • Will there be singing?

    Singing will be optional, but encouraged. You must have some way of producing a melody while also producing accompaniment. This can be done by recording one or the other or finding a friend to play one.

  • Is there music theory involved?

    Yes, some basic theory will be involved and is a required prerequisite to enroll in the class. To get a list of what you need to know, please call or email BIMEC.

  • What kind of instrument do I need to play?

    Harmony-based instrument such as guitar, piano, ukulele, banjo, mandolin, harp, cello, bass guitar, etc. or a basic proficiency with a digital software program (with a playback feature) such as Musescore, Guitar Pro, Finale, etc

  • Will I have to share my songs?

    Yes, every lesson will involve some volunteered sharing. The last two weeks will involve sharing your rough draft song for constructive notes, and the last lesson of the class will be a showcase of all of the students songs.

  • What exactly will we be learning?

    You will be learning how to create a chord progression for a verse and chorus, how to create a melody, ideas and structure for lyrics, and how to organize these elements into a song structure.

  • What course material will I need to purchase?

    TBD, but it won’t be more than a book that’ll be $20-30.

  • Is there any recording or technology involved?

    Yes, students will be required to bring or purchase a Digital Audio Workstation - Best in Music carries our recommended model, the PreSonus AUDIOBOX USB 96 that can be purchased in a discounted bundle with other necessary equipment when you enroll in this class (in addition to tuition, not combined with it). Reach out for details. 

    - XLR microphone for either instrument, vocal, or both

    - Digital Audio Workstation
    - XLR cable (if it doesn't come with the mic)
    - Microphone stand (any size)

  • Will we be recording our songs?

    BIMEC is currently working on creating a course in recording that will follow this course. Additionally, with enrollment in the 8-week songwriting course, you have the option of purchasing our recommended recording bundle from Best in Music’s retail locations, for $30 off the normal retail price.