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The BIMEC Winter Children's Choir
begins September 11th.

This choir is open to children ages 6-12.

Choir members will have fun learning to read music, develop and learn music ideas and demonstrate an awareness of expression through music. They will also gain confidence through performance and learn to connect with other people through music. The students will enjoy a grand holiday performance at the end of the session for families, friends, and the community.
Enrollment in the BIMEC Winter Children's Choir includes a student workbook, flashcards, and a performance T-shirt for our final holiday performance.
This is a 12-week (3 month) program with hour-long weekly rehearsals, ending with a special holiday performance.

Age Range:

Age Range: 6-12 years old
Parent Attendance Required: No

Class Info

Class Frequency & Length: Weekly 1-hour rehearsal
Class Location: BIMEC Studio, 1006 S State St., Orem
Class/Program duration: 12-weeks, 
includes a special holiday performance
Day and Time: Wednesdays 4-5pm
Start Date: September 11th


Registration Fee: $25 BIMEC registration fee.
Required once per year per student
Materials Fee: $30 includes student workbook, music, flashcards, and a performance T-shirt
Tuition: $180 for all 12 weeks
Sibling Discount: Yes, standard BIMEC sibling discount policy applies