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Let’s Play Music BRIDGE! (Let’s Play Music & Presto Graduates)

REGISTRATION for Bridge Classes is NOW OPEN!


What is the Let's Play Music Bridge Course?
Let’s Play Music BRIDGE is the next step for Let’s Play Music and Presto Graduates who want to continue total musicianship education with a piano focus.  Lily Hight, the owner of Best In Music, is the developer of this customized curriculum for Let's Play Music graduates The official curriculum is available nationwide!  Let's Play Music graduates are perfectly primed to excel in their piano studies and the Bridge course will help them succeed!

Why is Bridge so important?
Let's Play Music students have an amazing foundation, but much that has been gained may be minimized or lost without the proper teacher who understands where they are in their studies.   Their next teacher should know how to communicate with them and apply this musical foundation and knowledge.  This bridge course will help them build on their excellent foundation and bridge the private piano gap so they can transition smoothly into private piano lessons or any other music lessons they might be interested in!  This additional year of study will be the perfect start for your student's continued progression in piano.

The Curriculum
The Let's Play Music Bridge curriculum has been carefully crafted to solidify newly introduced concepts and skills learned in the 3rd Year of Let's Play Music, such as numerical counting up to sixteenth notes, scales and chords in varying keys, composer and classical music knowledge, composition skills, accompaniment styles, key signatures, time signatures, note names and staff placement, and sight reading just to name a few. All of these concepts will be reviewed and expanded on throughout this important year of musical transition. They will be taught about the new yellow chord (the V7 chord) along with many other important concepts, skills, symbols and labels that will help ensure that their abilities don't get 'lost in translation' as they progress.  Both individual instruction and group instruction are important in their progression. Classes will be held in small groups of 4-6 students and will include individual customization as necessary.

Course Information - Let's Play Music Bridge:
$35 registration fee
$125/payment (10 payments total)
10-month curriculum includes 2 summer camps, plus 8 months of school-year lessons.

Summer Lesson details:
Choose two different 4-day long Summer Bridge Camps (1 hour each day).  We will go through the Let's Play Music Connections Review material to help solidify some of the concepts and skills that were introduced to in the Let's Play Music program.

School-year Curriculum details:
8 months, beginning when school starts in August.  Includes weekly 1 hour lessons with approximately 1 performance lesson each month where the students have the opportunity to play for each other. The program also includes a Parent/Student Orientation, a Christmas Piano Party, and a Year-End Performance Recital.

Materials required:
Summer: Connections Review Book (included in 3rd Year materials)
School-Year: Purple flashcards (from 3rd Year) and required Bridge materials will be discussed at parent orientation (includes 2 Student Workbooks, Student Songbook, Magic Key Technique Book, 6-set Flashcard Series, Accompaniment Tracks for $69 for the year).

Registration Fee: The registration fee covers each students' access to the studio lending library, studio incentives, Christmas Piano Party and End-of-Year recital costs.

To secure your place in class, complete 2 simple steps:

1. Pay Registration Fee:
The registration fee per student covers items such as administration processing & emailing, materials prep, studio expenses, recital, etc. This fee needs to be paid before you enroll in a class.

$35 per student - BRIDGE registration fee

This can be paid through Google Pay ( or Venmo (@lily-hight). The registration button below links directly to Venmo.

Pay the Registration Fee  

2. Enroll in Bridge for Let's Play Music Graduates:
     1. Click the button below to be directed to the Bridge registration form.
     2. Select your class preferences and submit student information.
     3. Classes will be organized based on student preferences and you will receive a follow-up email about fall class placements in April.
     4. You will receive a form to fill out in April to select your two Summer Camp session preferences.

Materials will be purchased on May 18th at the Parent Orientation information and will be shipped to the studio and distributed at our 1st school-year class!

Register for BRIDGE 


What parents are saying about Let's Play Music Bridge

"I have loved the natural flow from Let's Play Music to more traditional piano lessons."

"The Bridge program is a great way to transition from Let's Play Music and build on all the great theory and musical skills the kids have worked so hard on."

"The Bridge course has been a great experience for my kids. I love seeing them take all of their Let's Play Music knowledge and build upon it and continue to grow musically in a fun creative environment."

"Let's Play Music begins a wonderful musical journey. The Bridge course is essential to continue this musical training. It is really preparing them for musical achievement."

"This is such a wonderful way to progress in piano playing. It contains so much more musical skill building and theory to help make a successful piano player. It also incorporates chords at a level which most teachers do not."

"Let's Play Music is such a wonderful program and the Bridge course has been an excellent transitional course to help my student move toward more traditional piano lessons while still learning advanced musical theory.

"We are so grateful to have the opportunity to be in the Bridge program. It helped us to solidify what we learned in LPM and transition more easily to traditional piano teachers."

"I couldn't be happier with this program. I feel like it used everything my daughter learned in LPM to give her a huge boost as she transitions into private lessons. It's amazing what they are learning. And the way the class is structured is so engaging that the kids love going to class and are motivated to practice at home. I would recommend this program for every LPM graduate!"

"The Bridge program has been wonderful in helping my daughter progress with piano ability and theory. She has made important connections from Let's Play Music terminology to the things she will hear with private lessons. The program is AMAZING!"

"My daughter loves it and now plays the piano for fun."

"I have loved the Bridge course! I am so amazed with how much my daughter has grown and learned. I feel more confident putting her into piano lessons and I know she will take off and continue to progress! I wish it went on to a 5th year!"

"I love how much theory they are learning and UNDERSTANDING! It's awesome!"