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Anthony Campbell has had a love of music and sound his whole life. Not only as a musician and performer, but also as a teacher, guitar technician, and audio engineer. As a young child Anthony was drawn to the instruments he saw. Starting with a fascination with acoustic grand pianos, and then guitar as well. His love for these instruments led him to reading music and playing the keyboard.

Soon after starting the guitar, Anthony found interest in rock and metal music. While exploring these genres he dove headfirst into music theory and established techniques of music composition and performance. Noticing that many metal guitarists were also schooled in jazz music, Anthony sought to develop further by performing in a few different jazz ensembles. Through this he gained a love of classic jazz.

Anthony continues to develop and share his love of guitar and the language of music theory after 18 years of playing.

Anthony also teaches the ins and outs of Digital Audio Workstations, having a technical grasp of the recording and mixing world with the ability to translate it into simple terms. Anthony began exploring the world of audio engineering when working as a sound technician at the Phil Thomas Performing Arts Center in Shiprock, New Mexico in 2009.

By teaching, Anthony hopes to demystify guitar playing and music theory by presenting it in a fun, simple, yet complete way to any individual with an interest in the instrument. He believes that not only can anyone play guitar if they desire, but that the wider world of music is a language that anyone can understand.