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The Let's Play Music curriculum is organized into three sequential years.  Entry age into the program is 4-6 years old.  The first year, we use engaging games and songs and incorporate Tone Bells to teach staff awareness, ear training and rhythm reading skills. The second year, we transfer these skills to playing the piano where we also learn chord notation, intervals, and harmonic improvisation. By the end of the third year, students are playing piano at an early intermediate level, transposing music, composing their own music, sight-reading music, and are prepared to excel in further music instruction.

  • Class Location: Best In Music,
    444 W 800 N, Orem
  • Class Frequency & Length: Once a week, 45 minute class time
  • Parent Required: Yes, every other class
  • Registration Fee: $25 per student (per year)
  • Materials Fee: $88 (includes tone bell set, semester CDs x 2, student homework booklets for each semester x 2, Flashcards and Let's Play Music tote bag)
  • Tuition: $220 per semester (or $55 payments x 8 for the whole year)
  • Classes Begin: August 25, 2018 Parent Orientation, classes begin the following week
  • Contact: Lily Hight 801-995-9526 or letsplaymusic.lily@gmail.com

Let's Play Music (Ages 4-6)

Registration NOW OPEN!

Let’s Play Music is a music course for children that emphasizes total musicianship through piano playing, singing, classical music, note reading and ear training…all accomplished through play! Children start this program between the ages of 4-6.

This innovative 3-year curriculum will lead your child (entry age 4-6) to learn advanced concepts and skills using age-appropriate methods!

We will have an amazing experience together as we build complete musicians through musical play!

To secure your place in class, complete 2 simple steps:

  1. Pay the Registration Fee directly to me, the studio owner (instructions below).
  2. Go to the Let's Play Music website* to enroll in a class and reserve your materials. (*For Let's Play Music Bridge classes, you'll submit your registration form directly from this email)

Class times will fill up quickly, so don't delay!  Once classes begin, you will pay tuition directly to me. You will receive an email several weeks before classes begin. Please let me know if you have any questions.  I'm happy to help!

Step #1 - Registration Fee

The registration fee per student covers items such as administration processing & emailing, materials prep, studio expenses, recital, etc.  This fee needs to be paid before you enroll in a class.

$25 per student - Let's Play Music registration fee

This can be paid through Google Pay (letsplaymusic.lily@gmail.com) or Venmo (@lily-hight).  The registration button below links directly to Venmo.

Pay Registration Fee!

Step #2 - Enroll and Reserve Materials

  1. Click the button below to be directed to my studio page on the website.
  2. Select your desired class time, log in and enter my enrollment ID: 23120
  3. Select the student you are enrolling or create a new student.
  4. Reserve class materials by selecting a “Complete Set” or “Sibling Set” if the student has a sibling currently or previously enrolled in the program.
    Materials will be shipped to the studio and will be distributed at our mandatory orientation meeting on Sat. Aug. 24th.